Techniques Used In Sales Promotion

Consumer promotions – this are designed to increase short term sales by inducing final consumers to try a new product or to increase purchase of an existing product. The effort of company is directed towards the end user of the product. This technique is also known as the pull strategy. i.e. producer-wholesaler-retailer-consumer.; but the arrow starts from consumer backwards. The media /techniques used usually includes;

  • Free samples.
  • Cash discounts.
  • Competitions.
  • After sale services.
  • Guarantees.
  • Free gifts.
  • Free demonstrations.
  • Price deals i.e. decreasing.
  • Sweep stakes- this is a method of gambling in which each person pays a small amount of money and is given the name of a competitor before a race/contest and the person who has the name of the winner receives all the money.
  • Rebates-cash refund to buyer for purchasing a product
  • Coupons (pieces of paper carrying a certain value).

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