These are open-air storage space. Buildings for housing stock are expensive and certain heavier and less perishable materials may be kept in the open for a reasonable length of time without serious deterioration. Items that can be kept in a stockyard include:- heavy steel bars, rails, metal pipes, timber, bricks, sand, concrete, metal scrap awaiting disposal. Unlike storehouse storage, open-air storage receives less attention and the following are some of the possible shortcomings that may be experienced in outside storage facilities:-

  1. Stock is scattered over a wide area, making proper control very difficult
  2. There is an excessive employment of manual labor
  3. The absence of fencing or other means of enclosure increases the risk of theft, fraud or unauthorized issues.
  4. Road and rail access is inadequate, thus slowing down transport and hindering the use of mechanical handling equipment.
  5. Lack of artificial lighting impedes efficient working during the winter(cold) months and makes night work impracticable.
  6. Material is mostly stacked on bare earth and in course of time becomes overgrown by vegetation or corroded.

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