Role of It/E- Commerce in Distribution

E-commerce /it have improved distribution system and enhanced communication among members. It involves use of computers, mobile phones, internet, electronic payments e.g. Mpesa etc.

  1. Use of mobile phones and emails helps channel members to communicate in fast manner on issues regarding distribution of products.
  2. Helps in monitoring and branding movement of goods.
  3. Use of EDI among channel members helps them to always to be in touch to each other.
  4. Marketing may also be carried out by channel members through internet.
  5. Use of computerized system in storage helps channel members to store their goods in modern way which is more effective.
  6. Use of electronic payments among channel members helps to pick transaction and is also cheap compared to traditional methods e.g. ATMS, MPESA etc.
  7. Use of modern ways of ordering goods e.g. making online orders and use of emails assists in saving costs and continuity in production processes.
  8. Use of e-sourcing in locating suppliers.

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