Questions on Life Skills

1. Define Life skills education. (3 marks)

2. You have been admitted to a Technical Training Institute. The Head of Department has informed you that part of your course will include the study of life skills. using your own words discuss at least three (3) benefits of the study of Life skills as a subject (9 marks)

3. Explain the three (3) categories of life skills (9 marks)

4. Define the following terms (10 marks)
i. conflict
ii. leisure time
iii. decision making
iv. goals
v. self esteem

5. a) Explain any two (2) causes of conflicts (4 marks)

b) In your own words explain the following three (3) ways of resolving conflicts.
(9 marks)
1. mediation
2. Adjudication
3. Negotiation

6. Differentiate between critical thinking and creative thinking (6marks)
7. a) explain three (3) benefits of leisure (6 marks)
b). Highlight four (4) effects of misuse of leisure (8 marks)
c) . State any four (4) activities for positive use of leisure (8 marks)

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