Project Charter

  1. The charter is a short (usually 1-2 pages) document that states the main objective, list of the main activities and outcomes, necessary resources etc. It is a basis for composing project team and for obtaining acceptance for project planning.
  2. The project charter should contain the following information about the project:
  3. Approval for initiating or participating in the project
    • From decision makers: top upper management
    • Preliminary title
    • The objective
    • Explanation of the need and justification/significance
    • Basic strategy for achieving the project goals
    • Project team/partners (incl. the contact data of the coordinator) and distribution of tasks
    • Resources need and estimations about their availability
    • Duration
    • Identify constraints on time, money, quality and other resource use
    • Identify relevant customer or supplier standards or statements of best practices
    • Consider how the finished product can be brought into use
    • Identify the training needs for user personnel

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