Procedure for Handling a Termination In Case of Displinary

1. Informal warming

A verbal/informal warming is given to the employee in the 1st instance of a minor offence the warning is administered by the employees supervisor.

2. Formal warming

A written formal warning is given to the employee in the 1st instance of more serious offence or after repeated instance of minor offences. It is done by the immediate manager.

  • -It should state the extent nature of offence and indicate any future displinary action which will be taken against the employee if the offence is repeated within a specified time limit.
  • A copy of the written warning is placed in the employee’s personal file but it is destroyed 12 months after the date of when it was given if no other offence has been committed.
  • -The employee is expected to read and sign the formal warming and has the right to appeal to the higher management if he/she thinks that the warning is unjustified.
  • -The H.R managers should be asked to advise on the text of the written warming.

 3. Further displinary action

If despite previous warnings an employee fails to reach the required standards in a reasonable period of time it may be adequate to consider further displinary action. The action may be suspension or dismissal.

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