Methods/Procedure for Handling Customer Complains

Respond to all complains promptly. Ask the customer to state clearly in detail, step by step what happened. When you are satisfied, you shall have all the facts, restate the situation to the customer to make sure there is no misunderstanding.
Let them get it off their chest first. This does much to diffuse a great deal of customer’s anger/resentment. At this point, it is often clear what the customer has done wrong or where the fault lies.
Be a good listener Make a decision quickly and don’t leave the customer waiting for a solution.
Interject only occasionally using good questioning techniques to clarify a point or keep things moving in a logical fashion. Don’t offer an opinion at this point. If it is the store fault or a defective product, then rectify it immediately. If it is the customers fault, make sure they understand clearly what happened and how to fix it.
When you fell that they have given a full statement of their problem, you may ask a few questions suggested by their comments. It is often good public relation to compromise or help them out of their problem. It often does not cost much and the spin off word of mouth advertising is more than worth it. This is one way to build customer loyalty and repeat business.

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