Marking of Stores

Sometimes it may not be advisable to include every stock item in the vocabulary. These items are described as NIVs (Not in the vocabulary). The NIVs include:

  1. Machine spares rarely required: these items should be kept out of the stores vocabulary since they are only purchased when a need arises. They are described as ONIS (only when needed items).
  2. Items of non-repetitive nature: These are items which are needed at certain prescribed intervals e.g. 1-5 years 2-3 year etc.


This is another method of codification. There are two types of marking of stores.

  1. Colour Marking: This is used to supplement the other codification systems e.g use of paint such as blue, red, aluminum etc.
  2. Secret Marking: Expensive stores items are highly susceptible to theft and pilferage. These are discretely marked to help detect where they have been sold out. The secret marks are not easily visible.

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