Marketing /Sales Managers Functions/Tasks/Roles

  1. Environmental analysis and  marketing research-this usually involves monitoring and adapting to external factors that affect success or failure such as the economy and competition and  collecting data to resolve specific marketing issues.
  2. Broadening an organizations/individuals scope-this involves deciding on the emphasis to place as well as the approach to take on societal issues and international marketing.
  3. Consumer analysis-this involves examining and evaluating consumer characteristic needs and purchase processes; and selecting the group(s) of consumers at which to aim marketing efforts.
  4. Product planning-this includes goods, services, organizations people, places, and ideas-developing and maintaining products, product assortments (a set of all products and items that a particular seller offers for sale to buyers),product images, brands, packaging and optional features and deleting faltering products.
  5. Distribution planning-this involves forming relations with distribution intermediaries, physical distribution, inventory management, warehousing, transportation, the allocation of goods and services, wholesale and retailing.
  6. Promotion planning-this involves communicating with customers, the general public and others through some form of advertising, public relations, personal selling and or sales promotion.
  7. Price planning-this involves determining price level and ranges, pricing techniques, terms of purchase, price adjustments and the use of price as a active or passive factor.
  8. Marketing management-this involve planning, implementing, and controlling the marketing program(strategy) and individual marketing functions; appraising the risks and benefits in decision making; and focusing on total quality.

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