KNEC Technical Drawing notes


1. Introduction to engineering drawing:

  • Drawing
  • Classification of drawings

2. Drawing equipment and drawing materials

  • Drawing board, T-square, set –square, instrument box, scales, pencil and sand paper block, protractor, clinograph, rubber or eraser, erasing shield, drawing pins or cello-tape, irregular or French curves, duster or handkerchief, drawing ink, tracing paper and tracing cloth, drawing paper, sketch book.

3. lettering and conventions

Requirements of good lettering , general proportions of lettering, , spacing of letters, sizes of letters, uniformity in lettering, classification of lettering, convention for lines, uses of various lines, conventions for various lines, conventions for various materials, conventional breaks

4. Drawing sheet layouts

Border or margin lines, title block, numbering of sheets, fixing the drawing sheet on the board

5. Rules for dimensioning and scales

Notation of dimensioning, types of dimensioning, system of placing dimensions, unit of dimensioning, general rules of dimensioning, scales uses of scales, sizes of scales units of measurement, scale factor, scales on drawing, classification of scales, points to note while drawing scale.

6. Geometrical constructions

Terms used in geometrical construction: point, line, straight line, curved line, compound line, parallel straight lines, angle, triangle, quadrilateral, polygon, circle, drawing lines, bisecting lines, perpendicular to lines, dividing lines into parts, drawing scales, drawing diagonal scales, finding centre of arcs and circles, constructing angles, construction of ellipse, hyperbola and parabola.

7. Orthographic projections.

  • First and third angles, projection of points and lines

8. Pictorial drawing.

  • Introduction, isometric drawing, constructing isometric curves, the 4-arcs method of drawing isometric circles, estimated one point and two point perspective drawing

9. Free hand drawing,

  • Uses of sketching in engineering, sketching materials, sketching small circles, sketching arcs, sketching ellipse, orthographic sketches, and isometric sketches.

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