Industrial organization and management notes

Module III

Industrial Organization and Management

Topic 1: Economics
Topic 2: Trade
Topic 3: Business Law
Topic 4: Management Principles
Topic 5: Project Planning and Management
Topic 6: Office Administration
Topic 7: Production Management
Topic 8: Plant Maintenance
Topic 9: Human Resource Management
Topic 10: Finance and Budgeting
Topic 11: Results Oriented Management

1. Economics

  • Definition of the term economics
  • The concepts of economics
  • The concept of production
  • Relationship between value, utility and production
  • Division of labour, specialization, automation and mechanization

2. Trade

  • The concept of demand supply, price, trade demand, supply curves
  • Demand supply and price
  • The concept of money
  • The role of banks and financial institutions
  • Role of international trade and foreign exchange
  • The role of the world bank, IMF and other development partners

3. Business Law

  • Business Law and Company Law
  • Liabilities of business
  • Contacts and the law of contracts
  • Legal position of a business
  • Bankruptcy of a business winding up
  • Legal position of a business

4. Management Principles

  • Definition of Management
  • Concepts of Management
  • History and Evolution of mangement
  • Types of management
  • Functions of management
  • Organization of Functions of management
  • Advantages and disdvantages of organization management
  • Basic principles of organization
  • The concept of authority, responsibility and accountability
  • Management by objective

5. Project Planning and Management

  • Project management
  • Project planning
  • Critical path analysis
  • Costing
  • Resuorce loading and scheduling in a project
  • Project activity costing and base lining
  • Project process
  • Project commissioning

6. Office Administration

  • The office
  • Functions of an office
  • Office Equipment
  • Office organization and administration

7. Prodution Management

  • Production planning activities
  • Production development
  • Quality of a product control
  • Statistical Quality control
  • Control charts and sampling features
  • Inspection
  • Procedures for materials procurement and stores
  • Work study
  • Features and constraints of a production plant
  • Plant location
  • Types of production
  • Plant layout
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