Ideal Characteristics of a Warehouse

Any warehouse is said to be ideal if posses the following characteristics.

  1. Warehouse should be located at a convenient place near highways, railways stations, airports and seaports where the goods can be loaded and unloaded easily.
  2. It should have mechanical appliances for loading and unloading goods. This reduces the wastage in handling and also minimizes handling costs.
  3. Adequate space should be available inside the building to keep the goods in proper order.
  4. Warehouse meant for preservation should have cold storage facilities.
  5. Proper arrangement should be there to protect the good from sunlight, rain, moisture and pest.
  6. Sufficient packing space should be there inside the premises to facilitate easy and quick loading and unloading.
  7. Should have proper security arrangement to avoid theft of goods.
  8. The building should be fitted with latest firefighting equipment to avoid loss of goods due to fire.

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