Fluid Mechanics notes KNEC

Fluid Mechanics


Fluid Mechanics falls under a broader area of study known as Applied Mechanics and it deals with statics and dynamics of liquids and gases

The study of Fluid Mechanics is divided into Fluid Statics and Fluid Dynamics.

Fluid Statics deals with fluids at rest under pressure while Fluid Dynamics deals with fluids in motion. Fluid Mechanics mainly deals with liquids whose properties include surface tension, density and viscosity.

The purpose of the module unit is to equip the trainee with the necessary knowledge that will help them when dealing with various materials and equipment on a production line, workshops and other work places.

Trainees taking this module unit require prior training in relevant mathematics and mechanical science that are found in module I and module II of this course.


Flow of Fluids

  • Losses due to friction and changes in pipe section
  • Derive equation for head losses due to friction and changes in pipe section
  • Application of the equations for flow losses to solve problems.
  • Experiments on flow rate and pipe losses

Viscous Flow

  • Definitions of viscous flow
  • Definition of Coefficients of viscosity
  • Explanation of viscous flow
  • Derive equation for viscous flow
  • Apply the equations to solve problems
  • Measurement of viscous resistance

Dimensional Analysis

  • Explanation of dimensional analysis
  • Fundamental; dimensions
  • Derived units
  • Fundamental units
  • Physical quantities
  • Application of dimensional analysis to establish dimensionless groups
  • Applications of dimensional analysis to solve problems
  • Explanation of model testing
  • Test on models
  • Geometrical similarity
  • Dynamical similarity


  • Principles of operation of pumps
  • Derivation of equations for a reciprocating pump
  • Derivation of equations for a centrifugal pump
  • Performance tests on pumps
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