Features of a good projects plan

Qualities or characteristics of a good project plan.

Projects with good plans stand higher chances of achieving the set project objectives, it is therefore the concern of the project management team to look into it that the developed project plan has the qualities desired. Precisely, a good project plan is likely to have the following features:

  • Simple, adequate, clear and accurate for easier and more effective interpretation and understanding.
  • Should provide realistic time frame, giving breakdown of each specific project activity.
  • Should provide finer details of all the relevant skills required, specifying when such skills will be required.
  • Should be comprehensive and exhaustive clearly indicating all the project activities.
  • Should be capable of accommodating future changes without difficulty and interference with planned project activities.
  • Should be capable of being monitored easily, quickly and effectively.
  • Should be more cost effective and capable of eliminating waste expenditures to enhance substantial project cost savings.
  • Should fully embrace and incorporate the most current technologies and best practices.
  • Should be capable of rolling out end-products or results that are environmentally compliant and environmental friendly.
  • Should incorporate project activities that fully comply with the legal and regulatory requirements and general interest of the society.
  • Should be capable to deliver the results or benefits that will achieve the objectives for the project was initiated.
  • Should comfortably accommodate multi-functional teams or committees.

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