Factors to Be Considered When Selecting an Appropriate Means of Transport

  1. The natures of the goods – Heavy and bulky goods are economically transported through sea or rail.
  2. Terminals – Availability of loading and offloading points dictate the form of transport to be used.
  3. Transportation cost -The cost of the means of transport should be reasonable in relation to the value of goods being transported.
  4. Distance – The choice of the mode of transport is dictated by the length of the journey. Air/water means of transport is suitable for long distances whereelse road transport is suitable for shorter distances.
  5. Speed and urgency-Perishable goods which ought to be transported faster should use a quick means of transport e.g. air. If the goods are needed urgently, the cost incurred is overlooked
  6. Availability –The choice of means of transport should be confined to what is available.
  7. Flexibility – The means of transport should be flexible in terms of time and space thus serves the interests of the users.
  8. Packaging requirements – Special packaging might add to the rest and variation and diversions can be made.

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