Factors that Influence Decision Making

  • Personal interest –You are more likely to make a choice in favor of what you like or against what you don’t like you make decisions based on what benefits you will get.
  • Values –People tend to make decision that do not conflict with their values e.g. if you are honest you will not make decision that involve cheating or lying.
  • State of the mind –If you are angry you are likely to make rash in decisions without thinking through them properly.
  • Information —Having adequate and appropriate information enables one to make effective decisions. Inadequate information limits your options.
  • Influence of friends –You are likely to make decisions that are similar to those of our friends. We also have to make decisions that make our peer happy.
  • Media influence –Radio, TV, newspaper, magazines, internet affect the way we make decisions. Some people make decisions based on what they heard or saw a person in the media do.
  • Personality –While some people are conscious others are impulsive some are outgoing while others are quiet and reserved people will make decisions that suit their personality.
  • Social cultural factors –The cultural beliefs and practices we have acquired will play a part in the decision we make. We often make decision in line with our beliefs and practices.
  • Degree of challenge –Some challenges require that we make decisions that are critical and reversible. Such decisions require that you pay them a lot of attention.
  • Personal goals and ambitions –Your goals and ambitions will greatly influence your decisions.

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