Factors that determine the behavior of groups and how successful they are

1. Size

The sizes of the group   will affect how the group works   together and tasks completed.

2. Leadership /management style

It  can affect  the performance  of the  group  -It involves  the organization  and directions’  of the group  to  achieve its goals .

3. Cohesiveness

If the group is   not cohesive it will tend to be ineffective.

4. Motivation of group members

The commitment of members to the goals and tasks of the group are a key determinant of successful   performance.

5. Norms of groups

This   includes belief   systems, attitudes and values of the group, that influence   behavior.

6. Group /team roles

Effective  groups  need  members  to carry  out  a variety  of   roles  in order  that goals   and tasks  of  group   many  be  achieved .

7. The environment

The   work environment   will have a direct bearing on the group and its performance.

8. The group task

This  includes  the  task  that  groups  are  asked  to  complete  , how  important  they  are and  how  urgent  and  how the  results  help the  company  achieve  its objectives.

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