Engineering Drawing and Design notes KNEC Diploma

Engineering Drawing and Design


This module unit is designed to equip the trainee with the necessary skills and attitudes in Engineering drawing and design.

The module unit is intended to provide trainee with fundamentals of Engineering drawing and design using traditional equipment. The knowledge gained will be used in designing various products in structural fabrication and tool room processes.

Trainees undertaking this module unit will require knowledge of basic engineering drawing.



  • Uses of gears
  • Constructional Features

Screw Threads

  • Helix
  • Types of screws threads
  • Parts of screw


  • Types of CAM followers
  • Types of CAM:
  • Motion graphs:
  • Cam profiles


  • Bearings and Bushes
  • Bearing Applications

Limits and Fits

  • Definition of terms of terms
  • Types of Fits
  • Dimensioning using Limits and fits
  • Application of limits and fits

Fasteners and Locking Devices

  • Temporary fasteners
  • Permanent Fasteners:
  • Assembly
  • Drawing
  • Orthographic Exploded views
  • Pictorial Exploded views
  • Parts list
  • Sectional views:
  • Hatching methods

Engineering Design

  • Principles of design
  • Design consideration
  • Functional object
  • Risk management
  • Material estimation and costing
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Design of

Jigs and Fixtures

  • Definition of jigs and fixtures
  • Elements of jigs
  • Functions of jigs and fixtures
  • Design steps
  • Degree of freedom of location
  • Design jigs and fixture
  • General design principles
  • Application of jigs and fixtures
  • Machining on lathe

Geometrical Tolerance

  • Definition of Geometrical tolerancing
  • Principles of tolerancing
  • Application exercises
  • Product
  • Design and
  • Specification
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design
  • Factors affecting product design
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