Emerging Trends and Issues in Insurance

  1. Education policy – the high demand for education and its increased cost especially in secondary schools and tertiary institutions has necessitated the need for many parents to take out school fees policies for their childrens education.
  2. Key – mans insurance policy-this is a life insurance policy taken out by na organization to cover an employee who is deemed to be crucial to the organisations continued profitability.
  3. Funeral and benevolent fund – an insurance scheme offered by cooperative societies with the aim of assisting members of their families to cater for funeral and benevolent fund insurance scheme.
  4. Medical insurance – these policies are contracts of indemnity that enable the insured to claim not more than the cost of treatment.
  5. HIV/AIDS presently,there are a lot of claims on life assurance
  6. Corruption – has resulted in claims that have no merit.

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