Effects of Misuse of Leisure

  • There are people who mistake passive leisure for idleness. Idleness kills creativity. It also makes an individual a burden to others in the community.
  • Some leisure activities require money i.e. gambling those who have no money may be tempted to steal in order to have access to these activities.
  • Some of the programs we listen to or watch in TV or internet could influence us negatively if they promote sexual immorality and other vices.
  • Some people may use leisure to tempt others and to lead others astray. People become drug addicts through the influence of others especially through peer pressure.
  • If a person spends all the income on leisure activities such as drinking and gambling. A person may also spend all the time outside the family living no time for the family i.e. time and money are spend outside the family is wrong.
  • Leisure activities that cause physical harm to the body are wrong e.g. alcoholism. When a person is drunk they weak less and can engage in risk sexual behaviors which can lead to STIs, HIV and AIDS and pregnancy. They can also engage in criminal activities. Leisure activities that lead to addiction is wrong (addiction is when a user becomes completely depended that cannot do without it.)
  • Leisure activities that results in regret both now or in the future is wrong and should be avoided.
  • Diseases that are caused by smoking or drinking alcohol or drug abuse which can include mental problems.

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