Duties and functions of the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) Board

The Act provides that the Board shall perform the following duties and functions;

  1. Secure the greatest possible improvement in the quality and efficiency of the training of personnel engaged in the industry.
  2. Ensure an adequate supply of properly trained manpower at all levels in the industry.
  3. Share the cost of all industrial training training undertaken in pursuance of this Act as evenly as possible.
  4. Review and maintain a system or systems for the holding of tests in respect of trades and occupations generally or any particular trades and occupation.
  5. investigate any dispute or other matter arising out of a contract of apprenticeship referred to it by the Director-General and to settle the dispute amicably.
  6. Perform such duties and functions in regard to any other matter concerning apprenceship as may be prescribed.
  7. Investigate any matters connected with this Act and take the necessary action.

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