Constraints in project planning

Causes of failures or constraints in project planning

Project planning may fail due to one or more of the reasons or constraints hereunder:

  • Failure to understand and interpret the project objectives accurately by the stakeholders.
  • Inadequate funding that may lead to the stalling of plan.
  • Attempts to cover too much within too limited time.
  • Use of inaccurate and inadequate data in planning the project.
  • Engaging incompetent and unethical staff in project planning.
  • Failure to organize, harmonize and coordinate project plan activities systematically.
  • Use of inappropriate technologies in the project planning.
  • Lack of true support and total commitment from the key stakeholders.
  • Use of inappropriate materials in the project plan.
  • Lack of strong co-operation and teamwork among the key stakeholders.
  • Poor feasibility studies leading to the selection of a wrong project.
  • Exit of key technical staff from project planning without proper replacement.
  • Failure to comply with legal and regulatory requirements in place.

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