Consequences of Conflicts


The effects of conflicts can either be positive or negative. The negative effects unresolved conflicts will include the following:-

  • Strained relationship—people in relationships will not relate well with each other. We avoid talking or interacting.
  • Physical confrontation: – i.e. increase in the possibility of violent conflict.
  • People may engage in disruptive/destructive behaviore. riots, fights demonstrations.
  • Violence: – people can lose their lives, suffer, injuries, lose property.
  • Displacement of people: – People may leave their homes and forced to settle in other areas.
  • Fear and insecurity: – When people are involved in conflict they are fearful and suspicious of each other and may not feel safe in the presence of the other. There may be also attacks on each other leading to insecurity in the area.

Positive effects

A conflict gives positive effects if handled constructively. They include the following: –

  • Positive change in society.
  • Opportunities for new ideas or new possibilities.
  • Renewal in relationships.
  • Increase in productivity of all sectors.
  • Change that will aid in the development of the society.

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