Compensation for Injury or Health

If a workmen is certified by a doctor to be suffering from a scheduled occupational disease occasioning his disablement or death and if such disease is proved to have been caused by the nature of the workman having contracted the disease within 24 months previous to the date of which disablement or death.  Compensation shall be payable in the same manner as if the disablement or death were caused by an accident.


Medical Aid – Employer is liable to pay reasonable expenses incurred by a workman as a result of an accident which would entitle the workman to compensation.  These include:-

  1. Expenses in respect of medical surgical and hospital treatment, nursing services and supply of medicines subject to a maximum of Kshs6,000/=
  2. Expenses in respect of transportation of the injured workman to and from the place where treatment is available subject to a maximum of Kshs1,000/=

NB: Workman compensation cannot be assigned or attached and no claim shall be made upon such payment.

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