Benefits of Containerization

  1. Containers help to save space because they don’t take as much space as small packers
  2. Use of machines for loading and offloading makes this means of transport more convenient
  3. The movement of containers in and around the ports is relatively easy since they are fitted with locks which assists in their handling
  4. Insurance costs are relatively low as risks are less.
  5. Offers security of goods on transit and also from natural calamities e.g. rain, sun e.t.c
  6. It ensure that irregular goods are smoothed into regular shape for transportation and storage.
  7. It makes the handling of cargo simpler.
  8. It simplifies the process of customs clearance and documentation
  9. It saves time in loading and offloading
  10. It is easy to locate the movement of containers because of serialization.
  11. The container is very durable hence long protection of the cargo.
  12. Special containers can be used to transport particular goods e.g. chemicals.
  13. Containers provide simple and cheap movement of goods in the seaport because they are fitted with devices that assist handling.

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