Benefits of constructive/effective conflict resolution

  • Helps with reflection and ingenuity. Makes people aware that there is a problem that needs to be resolved.
  • Prevents stagnation and fosters complex reasoning and creative problem solving leading to inventions, new institutions are forged in the heat of conflict.
  • Conflict handled skillfully foster intimacy – love only endures when the differences caused by conflict are faced openly.
  • Encourages personal and intellectual growth and spurs development.
  • Helps people to better deal with conflict thus enhances healthier cognitive, social and psychological development.
  • When in conflict people think, observe and call on their memory and so fosters quality decision making.
  • People get out of passivity, increase motivation and energy to take action.
  • Higher quality of relationships develops.

Conflict resolutions

  • Empathy – It enables you to make necessary compromises and offers that will lead to a peaceful resolution conflict.
  • Respect – If you respect rights you ensure that your actions do not violate the rights of others and this creates room for dialogue.
  • Negotiation – consider what your needs are and what the other persons are. Consider outcomes that would address what you both want.
  • Assertiveness – appropriate assertiveness is being able to state your case without arousing the defenses of the other person.
  • Seeking assistance – e.g. from elders, religious institutions, councilors.

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