Analogue electronics I notes

Module I – Electrical Installation Systems

Analogue Electronics I

Topic 1: Atomic Theory of Matter
Topic 2: Thermionic Emission
Topic 3: Semiconductor Theory
Topic 4: Semiconductor Diodes
Topic 5: Bipolar Junction Transistors
Topic 6: Field Effect Transistor
Topic 7: Power Supply Units

1. Atomic Theory of Matter

  • Atomic Structure
  • Energy Levels

2. Thermionic Emission

  • Principles of Thermionic Emission
  • Application and Limitation of valves
  • Motion of electrons in magnetic and electrostatic field
  • Cathode Ray Tube
  • Cathode Ray Osciloscope
  • Applications

3. Semi Conductor Theory

  • Bond in Intrinsic Semi Conductors
  • Temperature on Intrinsic Semi Conductor materials
  • Doping
  • Formation of Intrinsic Semi Conductor
  • Verification of the effect of temperature on diode

4. Semi Conductor Diode

  • Formation of an PN junction diode
  • Forward and reverse mode of operation of PN junction diode
  • Application of semiconductor diodes

5. Bipolar Junction Transistors

  • Construction and operation of BJTs
  • Static characteristics of BJTs
  • Transistor biasing methods
  • DC load-lines

6. Field Effect Transistors

  • Construction and operation of FETs
  • FETs biasing methods
  • DC load-lines

7. Power Supplies

  • Description of the block diagram of power supply
  • Explanation of principles rectification
  • Explanation filteration/ smoothing
  • Explanation power regulation/ stabilizer methods
  • Description of voltage multiplier methods
  • Description of method of power conversion

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