Air Transport

It comprises air bound means of transportation like aero plane and helicopters means of transport and therefore its suitable for urgently required light, perishable or highly valuable cargo. Air freight is commonly used in exportation business and plays significant part in international commerce.

Advantages of Air Transport

  1. It is faster in nature thus perishable goods can be transported over long distances and also urgently needed goods.
  2. It is not hindered by physical barriers eg mountains.
  3. It is relatively flexible as remote areas can be reached by chattered planes/helicopter.
  4. The risk of loss through theft is minimal thus very valuable items like gold can be transported safely.
  5. It offers accessibility to far off places as it is limitless to stretching across continent.
  6. The way does not require construction or maintenance.
  7. The risk of loss through damage is minimized as there is less handling of goods.
  8. Reliable due to strict time schedules
  9. It provides the fastest link possible hence offsetting (cancel) the added cost.
  10. It has wide reach and global presence/ appeal.
  11. Guarantee of safety and security of cargo is generally higher.
  12. It is suitable for emergency supply like drugs, rescue efforts, humanitarian deliveries, and emergencies.

Disadvantages of air transport

  1. Combustible products e.g. petroleum cannot be transported by air.
  2. Construction and maintenance of airports, aircrafts are very expensive.
  3. It requires highly skilled and trained personnel.
  4. It is affected by extreme weather conditions e.g. mist.
  5. International travel is confined to major towns and cities thus road/railway has to be used to travel to rural areas.
  6. It is the most expensive mode of transport
  7. There are higher risk of total loss of cargo incase of accident
  8. It has limited capacity.
  9. The carrying capacity is limited thus not suitable for transporting heavy and bulky goods.

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