A Good Research Should Satisfy The Following Conditions.

  1. Completeness – it should not leave out important details or procedures of the research.
  2. Accuracy – it should report the exact findings of the research without exaggeration.
  3. Clarity – should be clear in terms of sentences, expressions and explanations used.
  4. Conciseness – the research report should be brief and should not elaborate on unnecessary details or be repetitive.
  5. Simplicity
  6. Future oriented – focus on long term goals as opposed to short term goals.
  7. Time bound
  8. Economical in terms of cost.
  9. Utilize the principles of the scientific (step by step) method wherever possible.
  10. Creativity i.e. thinks “outside the box”.
  11. Should follow the ethics of the society.
  12. Realistic –achievable and measurable.

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