The Marketing Process


  1. Diagram representing the above concept in a circular flow form-Diagramatic approach.

The marketing process


  1. Theoretical approach,

1.Understanding the market place and customer needs.this includes;understanding customer needs,wants and demands,market offerings,customer value and satisfaction,exchange relationships and the market.

2.Designing a customer driven marketing strategy.once it fully understands consumers and the market place,marketing management can design a customer driven marketing strategy.the general strategies/generic strategies/competitive forces strategies as proposed by micheal porter are adopted world wide by all marketers namely;

  • Cost leadership strategy-this is where a firm incurs the lowest costs in production as opposed to other businesses in the same line of production.
  • Differentiation-this involves offering a product that is unique .
  • Market Focus/target-this involves targeting the innovators as opposed to laggards in a market.

3. Prepairing an integrated marketing plan and programme – this is where the marketer will outline the consumers and the company that will be served and create value to,the marketer develops an integrated marketing mix ie 8 ps of marketing ranging from product,price,place,promotion,people,process,probe and process.

4. Ensuring customer relationship management – this is the overall process of building and maintaining profitatble customer relationship by delivering superior customer value satisfaction.this is achieved mainly through;

  1. Customers perceived value which involves evaluation of the differences between all the benefits and all the costs of a market offering relative to those of competing offers.
  2. Customer satisfaction:product performance match buyers expectations.

5.Capturing value from customers. this is in return in the form of current and future sales,marketing share and profits.

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