Supply and Transport Management notes: KNEC Diploma

Supply and Transport Management notes

The following topics are covered. click on each the respective title open notes on that topic.

Topic 1: Supply Department

Topic 2: Purchasing function

Topic 3: Stock control

Topic 4: Warehousing

Topic 5: Receiving, Inspection and issuing Goods

Topic 6: Storage and preservation of materials

Topic 7: Security and safety in the warehouse

Topic 8: Stores Layout

Topic 9: Materials Identification

Topic 10: Introduction to transport

Topic 11: Physical Distribution

Topic 12: Organization of transport

Topic 13: Control of Transport Industry

Topic 14: Emerging trends and issues in supplies and transport management

After passing this module unit, the trainee is able able to:

  • Apply supply and transport principles in an organisation
  • Apply appropriate modes of transport in business management
  • Recognize the role played by supplies and transport in an organisation
  • Identify the activities performed in supplies and transport department in an organisation

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