Signs for need to restructure the Project Organisation


It is important to regularly and consistently identify and interpret red flags or early warning signs that indicate the need for a new and better project organizational structure so as to ensure that the project delivers maximum results.

Such signs may include but not limited to:

  • The project management team is satisfied with its existing members in respect of knowledge, experience, efficiency and integrity but the project is not meeting lead time, cost and related deliverables.

There is high commitment of getting the project work done competently but performance not satisfying.

  • The key technical staff involved in the project management feel overworked, exploited and misused.
  • Particular technical groups or individual project team members have tendency of blaming each other for failure to meet specifications, lead time and costs.
  • Project obligations are completed on time, to the specifications and at the right cost but technical groups or individual team members are not satisfied with the gains achieved.

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