Service Revision Questions

  1. Highlight 4 ways in which physical evidence is important to serve organization
  2. Explain 4 indicators of good service quality (8 marks)
  3. Explain criteria that customers rely on when evaluating service quality (12 marks)
  4. There are certain marketing mix elements that are unique to marketing services. List 4 such elements (4 marks)
  5. Ivy Options Ltd is a marketing bureau offering a variety of services. Explain 5 ways by which it may decreasing the intangibility of its service (10 marks)
  6. One of the characteristics of service is its intangibility. Explain 5 ways that a service firm can make its service more tangible (10 marks)
  7. Explain the measures that a marketing manager should take in order to enhance the level of service quality provided by his firm (10 marks)
  8. Explain the factors that determine the quality of service provided in a firm (8 marks)
  9. List 3 characteristics of a service (3 marks)
  10. Many service firms have failed to be innovative in marketing in their services. highlight 4 reasons that may account for this trend (8 marks)

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