Roles/Importance of Transport


Transport is defined as the physical movement ofgoods, services and people from one place to another.


  1. Facilitates movement of goods, people, and services from one place to another.
  2. It creates employment e.g. drivers, conductors, pilots, middlemen etc.
  3. It minimizes wastage of resources where they are produced in large quantities e.g. maize plantations.
  4. Bridges the gap between the producers and the consumers.
  5. Acts as a source of capital especially in middlemen when distributing goods and thus gets income for starting a business.
  6. It facilitates industrialization i.e. coming up with industries i.e. good roads, airport, and railway lines through the process of transporting raw materials thus industries comes up.
  7. Enhances specialization
  8. Facilitates mass production.
  9. Facilitates movement of labor.
  10. New ideas and knowledge can be shared and transferred.
  11. Facilitates trade by making it possible to move goods from the production to the selling points.
  12. Assists in exploitation of natural resources e.g. scenery
  13. Enables access to goods and services that facilitate the importance of life.
  14. Adds value to goods.
  15. New markets can be opened through creation of transportation infrastructure

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