Relationship between Sales And Marketing

Sales and marketing always have had a close relationship, so close that many people have confused the two being the same.

  1. Marketing is a method of bringing customers to a business as well as making others aware of the business product and brand. A sale is selling the product the company offers. it can be achieved through phone, interaction as well as web page.
  2. Marketing sells the idea of product and services to everyone whereas sales sells the actual product one on one through personal interaction.
  3. Marketing generates interest but sales bring in money.
  4. Marketing does everything it can to reach and persuade prospective buyers while sales do everything it can to close the sale and get assigned an agreement/contract.
  5. Marketing responsibility is selling the idea while selling has a responsibility of selling the product and can be achieved through sales making.
  6. Selling is only a part of firm marketing activities and refers to personal communication of information to persuade a prospective buyer to buy something.
  7. Marketing refers to the process of planning, exchanging, the process ,concept/idea ,pricing ,promotion and distribution of goods and services and ideas to satisfy companies or individuals sales excludes all this.
  8. Marketing has led to the emergence of marketing concepts (philosophies that aim at satisfying customer needs) while selling has led to the emergence of selling concepts (a philosophy that encourage organizations to undertake a large scale selling promotion effect.
  9. Sales people usually sell to customers the products while the marketing meets the organization with customers. The major objectives of sales department are responsible for activities like promotion. Marketing ignores all this.

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