Public Procurement and Finance notes: KNEC Diploma

Public Procurement and Finance notes

Topic 1: Introduction to Public Procurement
Topic 2: Bodies Involved in the Regulation of Public Procurement
Topic 3: Public Procurement Functions
Topic 4: General Procurement Rules
Topic 5: Procurement Methods
Topic 6: Application of ICT in Public Procurement
Topic 7: Public Finance
Topic 8: Administration and Control of Public Expenditure
Topic 9: Emerging Trends and Issues in Public Procurement and Finance

By the end of this module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Describe the organisation structure of public procurement
  • Apply government legislation and policies relating to public procurement
  • Explain ways in which the government raises and spends fund

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  1. Please how can I get these notes for public procurement and finance and supply management for module two

    1. Please I can’t access the notes am looking for.. public procurement and finance as well as supply management for module 2…where can I find them in particular me

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