Mechanical Science KNEC notes

Mechanical Science


Mechanical science introduces the trainee to the science applicable to the engineering field. Its aim is to equip the trainee with the basic concepts of engineering science. It is covered in the first stage of the course.

The instructional approach will emphasize on experiments, industrial visits and analysis of various engineering concepts.



  • Definition
  • Resolution of forces
  • Statement and application of theorems


  • Definition of a moment
  • Principle of moments
  • Calculation of moments and reaction on beams
  • Couples
  • Engineering examples


  • Nature of friction
  • Laws of dry friction
  • Calculation of limiting friction force for a pull / push parallel to the surface
  • Calculation of pull/push applied at an angle to the horizontal surface
  • Definition of angle of friction
  • Calculation of coefficient of friction
  • Advantages and disadvantages of friction


  • Definitions
  • Laws of motion
  • Calculations of velocity, acceleration & distance covered
  • Using graphs of velocity-time & displacement-time
  • Relationship between linear and angular motion

Work Energy and Power

  • Definitions of terms
  • Calculation on work, energy and power


  • Definitions
  • Problems on simple machines
  • Problems on levers
  • Laws of machine


  • Gas laws
  • Engineering examples
  • Simple problems


  • Definition of heat
  • Simple thermometer
  • Heat capacity
  • Definition of the latent heats
  • Solve simple problems on heat


  • Definitions
  • Simple measurements of density
  • Archimedes principles
  • Simple calculations


  • Simple calculations on pressure
  • Simple barometer
  • Applications of atmospheric pressure
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