Marketing Management notes: KNEC Diploma

Marketing Management notes

Topics covered in KNEC Diploma Marketing Management are:

Topic 1: Introduction to Marketing
Topic 2: Management Marketing Environment
Topic 3: Consumer and Organizational Buyer Behaviour
Topic 4: Market Segmentation Targeting and Positioning
Topic 5: Product Decisions
Topic 6: Pricing Decisions
Topic 7: Distribution Decision
Topic 8: Promotion Decisions
Topic 9: Service Marketing
Topic 10: Emerging trends And Issues In Marketing Management

At the end of this module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of marketing management in the achievement of organizational objectives
  • Apply the principles of marketing in making marketing decisions
  • Formulate marketing strategies for an organization for the achievement of marketing objectives
  • Apply marketing management in its context of both internal and external environment

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