Labour and Industrial Relations notes: KNEC Diploma

Labour and Industrial Law

Topics covered in Labour and Industrial Law  are as follows:
Topic 1: Introduction to Labour and industrial relations
Topic 2: Industrial Relations
Topic 3: Parties In Industrial Relations
Topic 4: Industrial court
Topic 5: Employment Contract
Topic 6: Trade Disputes Law
Topic 7: Employees Associations
Topic 8: Collective Bargaining
Topic 9: Occupational Health and Safety
Topic 10: Workmen’s Compensation
Topic 11: Law Relating to Training of workers
Topic 12: Law relating to remuneration of workers
Topic 13: Factories Act
Topic 14: Labour relations and Industrial Relations Act
Topic 15: Public officers and ethics Act
Topic 16: Emerging issues and trends in labour and industrial relations

At the end of this module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of labour and industrial relations in an organisation
  • Apply the relevant labour and industrial laws in an organisation management
  • Manage employees disputes in the work place
  • Implement occupational Health and Safety requirements in an organisation
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