International Purchasing notes: KNEC Diploma

International Purchasing notes KNEC Diploma

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Topic 1: Introduction to International Purchasing
Topic 2: Procedures and Documentation in International Purchasing
Topic 3: Sourcing Strategies in International Purchasing
Topic 4: Commercial Aspects in International Contracting
Topic 5: Payment Procedures and Methods in International Purchasing
Topic 6: Institutions Involved in Promoting International Purchasing
Topic 7: Emerging Issues and Trends

By the of the module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Explain the importance of international purchasing is suppy chain management
  • Describe the procedures and documentation involved in international purchasing
  • Apply the sourcing strategies used in international purchasing
  • Explain the commercial aspects related to international purchasing
  • Outline the payment procedures and instruments used in international purchasing
  • Describe the role of institutions that are concerned with promoting international purchasing

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