Emerging Issues and Trends in International Purchasing

Emerging Issues and Trends

  • Emerging issues and trends in international purchasing
  • Challenges posed by issues and trends in international marketing
  • Coping with challenges posed by issues and trends in international marketing

7.1 Introduction

The emerging issues and trends in international purchasing are those things which normally changes in our daily activities which occurs during international purchasing process.

7.2 Emerging issues and trends in international purchasing

  • Use of advanced technology – computers , Ict advancement
  • Emergencies of customer care service development to handle financial matters only
  • Pollution
  • Corruption
  • HIV / AIDS and drug abuse
  • Social media grow up
  • Mergers and joint ventures of institutions so as to increase the institutions capital
  • Digital wallet- electronic payment and couponing systems with electronic payment systems coming up e.g. mpesa, airtel money and equitel
  • TV talks – interactive tv advertising by use of satellite and cable companies fritted with set-top boxes
  • Globalization – This is a process whereby different systems and parts of arelated trade, function as a closely – knit system at the international level
  • Changing customer basis and needs
  • Emergence of fraudsters producing counter fake products
  • Emergence of new product life cycle stages ie fashion and style products
  • New government policies ie medial bill
  • Competitors coming up with new improved product
  • Adoption for new international purchasing strategies eg E-purchasing to search for more customers
  • Cloud computing
  • Emergence of environmental movements –This is an organized movement of citizens and government agencies to improve the rights and power of buyers in relation to sellers

7.3 Challenges posed by this trends

  • Some trends and issues require more resources in order to meet the new trends and issues e.g. more funding
  • Government policy which might really affect the new trend / issue
  • New / more competitors coming into international purchasing
  • Changing international purchasing needs and wants
  • Coverage of wide international purchasing area due to globalization aspect
  • Changing the approach to get more customers or maintain the existing ones

 7.4 Ways of coping up with challenges

  • Adopting new international purchasing strategies
  • Employing more resources in international purchasing teams
  • Coming up with legal measure to deal with fraudsters
  • Reaching a wide international purchasing to stay relevant
  • Coming up with model or design that would move customers
  • Using update technology to reach wide international purchasing to make purchasing efficient

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