Industrial Organisation and Management notes KNEC Diploma

Industrial Organisation and Management


This module unit is designed to equip the trainee with the knowledge skills and attitudes for organizational management for technical operators and subsequently managers of the industrial plant production and manufacturing services. The purpose of the module unit is to equip the trainee with skills of the human and material resources management to enhance productivity in the mechanical production and services industry.

Trainees undertaking this module will require knowledge of communication skills and Mathematics (statistics).

Topics Covered:

Management Theory

  • Theories of management
  • Modern influences on the work of pioneers of management
  • Contributions of management theories in modern day organisation management

Organisation Structures

  • Theories of organisation
  • Types of organisation structures and charts
  • Need for delegation in organisation
  • Problems associated with delegation
  • Authority and responsibility
  • Decision process in organisation
  • Concept of management by objectives (MBO)

Plant Maintenance

  • Functions of maintenance department
  • Types of maintenance
  • Factors affecting plant reliability
  • Procedure of setting up maintenance schedule / plan
  • Centralized and decentralized maintenance

Material Procurement and Stores Control

  • Meaning of procurement
  • Methods of procurement
  • Role of Public Procurement and Disposal Act in an organisation
  • Stores procedure
  • Methods of stock control
  • Types of stores
  • Stores documents
  • Stock control levels

Production Planning Control

  • Functions / objectives of production planning
  • Factors affecting production
  • Need for product design
  • Stages of product design and development
  • Objectives of production control
  • Activities of production control

Work Study

  • Objectives of work study
  • Limitations of work study
  • Phases of work study
  • Method study
  • Work measurement
  • Techniques of work measurement
  • Motion study

Human Resource Management

  • Functions of human resource manager
  • Need for staff recruitment in organisation
  • Sources of staff recruitment
  • Process of staff recruitment
  • Objectives of staff training
  • Staff training methods
  • Staff appraisal
  • Methods of staff appraisal


  • Economics and engineering
  • Factors of production
  • Scarce resources and decision making
  • Opportunity cost
  • Production possibility curve (frontier)

Office Administration

  • Functions of an office
  • Types of office layout
  • How an office can be organized
  • Types of filing
  • Methods of filing
  • Office equipment

Estimating and Costing

  • Elements of cost
  • Cost structure
  • Unit cost
  • Marginal costing
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