Features/Essentials of a Warehouse

  1. It should be located in a suitable place to facilitate receipt of goods as well as their use.
  2. It should have appropriate features i.e. buildings which are suitable for the types of goods stored.
  3. It should be equipped with appropriate facilities i.e. equipment and machines for handling goods e.g. It should be have refrigerators to handle perishable goods.
  4. It should be equipped with safety equipment and facilities necessary for protection of goods.
  5. It should be accessible to its users-It should be linked with good and appropriate transport system to facilitate movement of goods in and out of warehouse.
  6. It should have a good communication network for communication to be effective between the clients and the operators.
  7. The warehouse staff should be well trained and efficient for proper management of goods stored.
  8. There should be a proper recording system in a warehouse to ensure movement of goods is monitored properly.
  9. It should have adequate space/size.
  10. Its operations and goods stored should be within the requirement of the law.

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