Emerging Trends in Transport

Alternative powering technologies

Due to increased environmental pollution i.e. global warming, there is an initiative towards promoting more environmental friendly sources of energy in transport sector.

Cleaner technologies, such as new successful alternative powering technologies, more efficient engines or improvement in the standards for gaseous emissions and noise, can contribute to a more sustainable transport sector. Several powering technologies can influence the transport sector by substituting part or all of the use of fossil fuels, such as the following innovations.

  • Bio fuels. Bio fuels are becoming more common on the market and the international community is currently seeking to agree on a common bio fuels policy.
  • LPG. Liquid propane gas (LPG) and compressed natural gases (CNG) are still limited to niches of the market but contribute to security of supply and job creation.
  • Hydrogen. The future of hydrogen is as yet uncertain as technical problems remain. If these issues are resolved, this could be a source of renewable energy.
  • Solar energy. Teams of engineers are competing in solar car races every year.
  • Electricity. The electric car and electric motorcycle are already in production.

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