Elements of Projects Planning

Planning is described, in general, as selecting certain enterprise objectives and establishing the policies, procedures and programs necessary for achieving them

Project planning involves a series of steps that determine how to achieve a particular community or organizational goal or set of related goals and this goal can be identified in a community or a strategic plan. Planning is an iterative process that is performed throughout the life of the project

Its main purpose is to arrange time, cost and resources adequately to estimate the work needed and to effectively manage risk during project execution

Project planning generally consists of:

  • Determining how to plan
  • Developing the scope statement
  • Selecting the planning team
  • Identifying deliverables and creating the work breakdown structure
  • Identifying the activities needed to complete those deliverables
  • Estimating the resource requirements for the activities
  • Estimating time and cost for activities
  • Developing the schedule
  • Developing the budget
  • Risk planning
  • Gaining formal approval to begin work

Reasons for project planning

  • Establishing business requirements.
  • To eliminate or reduce uncertainty
  • To improve efficiency of the operation
  • To obtain a better understanding of the objectives
  • To provide a basis for monitoring and controlling work
  • Establishing cost, schedule, list of deliverables, and delivery dates.
  • Establishing resources plan.
  • Getting management approval and proceeding to the next phase.

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