Effects of Poor Self-Esteem

  • Poor self-esteem distorts the massages people receive from others, and the way people interpret events in life. It filters out the positive message and leaves people feeling negative about themselves
  • Unhealthy Relationships are common because one is unable to relate with people without fear of rejection
  • Poor choice of marriage partners is also common e.g. A very educated man who has poor self-esteem may choose to marry a woman with very inferior education so that he can be able to control her
  • Poor self-esteem can result in constant feelings of fear and guilt that can be very crippling to one’s advancement in life. They may never realize their full potential due to fear
  • One can develop personality disorders.
  • One is generally unhappy
  • Vulnerability to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV &AIDS, physical and emotional abuse
  • Indulgence in drug abuse

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