Contemporary Issues in Project Management

The project management issues to be investigated are multiculturalism in modern projects.  The reason is that 21st century has become increasingly global driven by the following;

  • Rapid economic development in many parts of the world which has led to increase in people’s income thus having direct effect on consumer behavior
  • Business expanding in new markets located in different geographical locations
  • Free movement of people to different parts of the world in search of better opportunities
  • Rapid advancement in telecommunication technology which has made the world more connected

Modern project teams comprise of people from different geographical areas, cultures, religious background etc. the way people behave can make projects succeed or fail

Other big issues affecting project include;

  • Leadership–leadership is concerned with doing the right things look at projects holistically and focus on team work, communication and motivation. Managers become team leaders nowadays command and control don’t work
  • Risk – there is greater understanding that risks is not a one off event you have to constantly manage risk this ties it with stakeholder management this area is constantly evolving to manage the upcoming risks on global scale
  • Value – this related to how people feel about the end product it concerns stakeholder relationship
  • Talent management – we are moving to more projectised economy with knowledge workers doing unrepetitive tasks there a great focus on portfolio management for managing operations and projects with a company.

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