Business Support Services Available For Small Businesses

In order to increase chances of survival small businesses need to identify firms that offer support services where they can get help with the running of the business. Some of the support services for small enterprises include:

  1. Training services

This is necessary to improve capital in entrepreneurial, management and technical skills

  1. Marketing services

To determine market demand and provide market linkages

  1. Business counseling

This will help improve management. Capacity of small business owners in effective planning, implementation and control of business operations

  1. Banking services

This enables businesses to build credibility, reduce risks of handling cash and save funds for future use.

  1. Insurance services

Insurance firms are important for small business as it enables them reduce risks associated with operating businesses.

  1. Postal services

To facilitate effective and affordable communication

  1. Book keeping

To ensure business records are accurate and up to date and that the organization is tax compliant.

  1. Business incubators

To provide a nurturing environment for small businesses through the provision of a wide range of business support services such as training, marketing assistance, networking, tax preparation.

  1. Technology provision

Enables small businesses to embrace appropriate and affordable technologies e.g. Agriculture Technology Development Centers, Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI)

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  1. I am very glad to prove this website cose I have small business I will be happy if you will respond me thx my name is Marius ndayirata living kakuma Kenya refugee camp

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