Building Services and Protection Pdf Notes

Building Services and Protection Notes

Topic 1: Corrosion Protection
Topic 2: Lightning Protection
Topic 3: Special Installation
Topic 4: Illumination
Topic 5: Building Services
Topic 6: Installation Planning and designs

1. Corrosion Protection

  • Methods of electrostatic corrosion
  • Methods of corrosion protection
  • Precaution to prevent corrosion
  • Regulation and codes of practice

2. Lightning Protection

  • Definition of terms
  • Types of lightning strokes
  • Effects of lightning strokes
  • Factors necessary to consider when designing for lightning protection
  • Components of lightning protection
  • Tests to be carried out on lightning protection
  • Maintenance required
  • Application of lightning protection system

3. Special Installation

  • Flame proof installations
  • Damp and electrostatic areas
  • Temporary installation
  • Caravan sites
  • Agricultural installations
  • Relevant IEE regulation


  • Law of inverse squares
  • Terms used in illumination
  • Types of lamps
  • Design of lightning schemes
  • Relevant IEE regulation

5. Building Services

  • Building structure
  • Accommodating electrical services in building
  • Utility services

6. Installation planning and design

  • Factors determining choice of wiring systems
  • Determining final sub circuits
  • Rating of cables and devices
  • Distribution diagram
  • Layout of lightning and power points
  • Wiring systems layout
  • Relevent IEE regulations, codes of practice and catalogues

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