Auto Electric and Electronic notes KNEC

Auto Electric and Electronic


The automotive industry is currently one of the most dynamic in terms of technology, and in recent years vehicle operations have greatly moved from manual to electric and/or automatic. To address these needs, this module unit is designed with knowledge skills and attitudes to enable trainees diagnose, repair and service electric and electronic systems as employees of the formal or informal industry upon completion of their training.


Vehicle ignition systems

  • Types of ignition systems
  • Operation principles of ignition systems

Charging System

  • Charging circuit principles
  • Parts of charging system

Light Duty Starter Motors

  • Layout of starting system:
  • Types of Stator motors
  • Construction
  • Starter motor operation

Heavy Duty Starter Motors

  • Construction
  • Principle of operation

Lighting System

  • Lamp construction
  • Lighting system layout

Vehicle Gauges

  • Fuel Gauge
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Coolant Levels Gauges
  • Engine Tachometer
  • Temperature Gauge

Heating and Ventilation

  • Constructional features
  • Principle of operation

Air Conditioning

  • Construction
  • Operation of system
  • Operation of electric control system

Windscreen Wipers

  • Types of windscreen wipers
  • Principle of operation of windscreen wipers

Window Systems and Door Mirrors

  • Heated door mirrors
  • Heated windows
  • Electrically operated door mirrors
  • Electrically operated window


  • Types of horns
  • Electrical horns

Direction Indicators

  • flasher units
  • Operation of direction indicators

Vehicle Entertainment System

  • Entertainment units
  • Functions of vehicle entertainment unit

Vehicle Air Bags

  • Vehicle internal auxiliaries
  • Types of air bags
  • Air bag control unit

Central Door Locking System

  • Types of central door locking systems
  • Central locking circuit

Security Alarm Systems

  • Operation
  • Types of alarm systems

Engine Immobilizers

  • Functions of Engine immobilizers
  • Operation of engine immobilizers

Petrol Injection

  • Petrol injection systems
  • Pressure Sensed Petrol Injection System
  • Bosch L-Jetronic
  • Functions of electronic control unit (ECU)of an engine
  • Extra control circuits of an ECU

Compression Ignition Fuel System Electronic Diesel Control (E D.C.)

  • E D.C. sensors and actuators
  • E D.C. system components
  • Secondary control

Engine Management Systems

  • Engine management system
  • System analysis
  • Control systems
  • System modelling
  • System performance

Engine Mapping

  • Engine mapping
  • Engine maps

Vehicle Control systems

  • Open loop systems
  • Closed loop systems

Sensors And Actuators Used In Transmission System

  • Types of sensors
  • Principle of operation of sensor and actuators

Clutch Electronic Control

  • Principle of operation
  • Layout of the clutch electronic control

Manual Gear Box Electronic Control

  • Layout of manual gear box electronic
  • Operation of manual gear box electronic control

Fuel Pump

  • Operation
  • Construction
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